What is Palatably Queer?

Created by Misty Gedlinske, "Palatably Queer" is a newsletter about personal identity, parenting, partnerships, and intersectional advocacy in a time when everything is political and far more things have become partisan than they should be.

The name comes from a phrase someone once used to describe me. (Yep, out loud and in person. Bless their heart.) Aside from being moderately offensive, it was perhaps the most concise and illuminating thing that anyone has ever said to me about the difference between how I understand and define myself and what others assume or expect.

In a culture that feels most comfortable with either/or binaries, there’s a certain tension created by Both/And identities and perspectives. There are also benefits that greatly outweigh that tension. I like to explore and write about all of that, in ways I hope will continue to resonate with others.

Who is Misty Gedlinske?

I’m a transplanted western North Carolina native living in southeastern Wisconsin for the last several years. So far, I’ve managed to keep both my accent and my green bean casserole recipe without losing any of my extremities to frostbite. Dear Spouse and I have been together for over two decades, and all three of my offspring are now taller than me.

Misty Gedlinske is a white woman with short, wavy brown hair and glasses. She is pictured here from the neck up, looking upward into the sun through a window with rainbow prisms on the left side of her face.
The face behind the keyboard.

In addition to my writing, I’m a professional development consultant and public speaker. My TEDx Talk, The Invisible Letter B has reached over half a million viewers around the globe and been referenced in a variety of books, articles, university curricula, and resource materials for both secular and religious organizations.

My first trip through college involved a double major in English Literature/Education and the clear knowledge that I did not want to be a K-12 teacher. College 2.0 resulted in a degree in Organizational Leadership. My prior professional work includes a decade in local government administration and four years on the Board of Directors for a local LGBTQIA+ advocacy nonprofit organization.

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Reflections on personal identity, parenting, and intersectional advocacy in a time when everything is political.


Misty Gedlinske
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